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Circle Mirror

October 10, 2013

Hello everyone!

The cold winds are starting to let us know that its FALL outside. The web is full of fall and Halloween decors. So great to see so many beautiful creations by so many talented ladies.Waiting to see more of their amazing work close to the holidays. Can’t wait. Now on to today’s project. I have been wanting to do this tutorial for a few weeks now but never got around to it. I know its not a fall or Halloween decor but I thought a change will be good.

Today I am sharing a unique way to make a circle mirror with only two items.

Happy Creating!

Needed Materials

  • Mirror (I got this from the dollar store)
  • Curtain Road Rings (I had some left over, you can also purchase it at the Dollar store or Walmart)

Start by removing the clips from these rings

Put the Mirror face down and start hot gluing these rings to the mirror

Once you are done with all the rings, the back of the mirror will look like this

Not a pretty thing to look at : )

Now just flip it over and hang it.



A Unique Table Decor

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello everyone!

I am sure you are all busy decorating your houses for the fall. I am seeing some awesome fall decor in many blogs. Can’t wait to start my fall decor. Today I am sharing with you a very unique table decor. I had these baskets for a while now and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Then one day my daughter was playing with them and she stacked one on top of the other and ding! the light bulb went on in my head. So here is today’s project.

Happy Creating!

Needed Materials

  • Half baskets from the dollar store
  • Glue gun

I found these cut out baskets at the dollar store. Buy two of them. Spray paint them if you like to your preferred colour. I spray painted them in white.

Stack them up like this and glue it down

If you want you can add a knob at the top but I wanted it to look simple so I didn’t add the knob.

Decorate and enjoy!