Happy Monday everyone!

The past weekend was very busy for me, my little butterfly is turning two next week. Birthday party planning is in full swing. A lot of shopping this weekend. Will be doing the last minute things this week and the party will be on Sunday. Hoping for some nice weather so our family and friends can enjoy the party. I will share pictures with you all so look out for it.

Now on to today’s project, I love making jewellery specially necklaces, you can create so many different styles with different materials. For today’s necklace, I only used $2. Hope you will enjoy it.

Happy Creating

Wondering how to make this vibrant necklace? You don’t have to look further than your local dollar store and your own jewellery box.

Connect both necklaces as shown above

Ah! the secret ingredient to make it sparkle, is to add an old earring that you no longer use.

Bend the earring back so that you can make a small circle

Attache the earrings where the two small necklaces meet. The earring will cover that area as well as add some sparkle.

Wear and enjoy!

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