Happy Monday everyone!

We have been living in our house for about 4 years so we thought it was time to update/change things around. Its easy to say lets update the house but its hard to do with a Toddler. We put it off for a while, then my husband and I decided it was time. So the update is in full swing. I will of course share the process with you all. Right now we are deciding on a paint colour for the living room. We are going to keep the same furniture but want to change the paint colour and maybe the curtains. So far these are the colours we are thinking about for the wall, what do you all think?


Since we are going to keep our furniture, I am thinking whether I should reupholster these chairs or not. I really like them but we will have to wait and see.

So here is a reminder of how our living room looks like now.

Don’t forget to check back every week to see some updates on the progress of the “Change is good” posts.

So my lovely readers, let the games begin. Keep those creative juices flowing.

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