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Grey and White Wall Flower

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a great father’s day weekend. We enjoyed the day with a visit to a petting zoo. The weather was great so our daughter had a blast!

Today’s project is an example of how you can turn the simple into something that you can be proud of. I am sure you all have seen these white flowers at the dollar store. I wanted to add some dept to it and make it stand out. I have been thinking about this project for a while now, I wanted to give it just the right exposure to make it something really beautiful. I have been thinking of providing budget friendly decor so you all can change your decor for every season. We all know things get pricy if we were to buy accessories for all seasons. If we can spend little and make it ourselves, well that’s the icing on the cake isn’t it?     So I hope you all will enjoy this project : )

Happy Creating!

Needed Materials

  • Flower from the dollar store
  • Long paint chips (you can get these from any hardware stores for free)

You can get these for $1.50 from the dollar store

Find a colour sample that will go with your decor at home

Trace and cut out the flower from the colour sample

Glue the plastic flower on top of the grey paper flower

Decorate and enjoy!

I would love to see your version of this project so send those pictures in.


I want to take a moment and thank you all for supporting me in this creative journey.


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