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Change is good

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Monday everyone!

We have been living in our house for about 4 years so we thought it was time to update/change things around. Its easy to say lets update the house but its hard to do with a Toddler. We put it off for a while, then my husband and I decided it was time. So the update is in full swing. I will of course share the process with you all. Right now we are deciding on a paint colour for the living room. We are going to keep the same furniture but want to change the paint colour and maybe the curtains. So far these are the colours we are thinking about for the wall, what do you all think?

Since we are going to keep our furniture, I am thinking whether I should reupholster these chairs or not. I really like them but we will have to wait and see.


So here is a reminder of how our living room looks like now.

Don’t forget to check back every week to see some updates on the progress of the “Change is good” posts.

So my lovely readers, let the games begin. Keep those creative juices flowing.

One of a kind organizer

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

Wow where has the week gone? I feel like Monday and Friday are next to each other : ) Time sure flies by in the summer time. So what have you all been up to?

We are in the process of refreshing our house, stay tuned for some great makeovers and of course DIY ideas. The show will start next week so don’t forget to check back to see the process.

Today I am going to share a simple and smart way to reuse egg cartons. Recycling house hold items have been something I have been doing for years. When I come up with a great idea I love sharing it. So here it is.

Happy Creating!

Wondering what to do with those empty egg cartons? Why not use them to store your earrings? You can even stack them up to create many layers of egg carton storage.

Things you need are very simple, empty egg carton and tissue paper cut in either squares or circles.

Why not use them to store other things? I make jeweleries and earrings and this is a great way to separate the beads.

Lets thinks different about how we can use these items so we can decrease the amount of waste that goes into the grounds.

To a healthier earth, please reuse, reduce and recycle.


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Refresh your Home

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Our houses are our pride and joy. We love to show them off to our family and friends. We put a lot of  hard work into them to make them look presentable. We gather those unique items and display them in the hope that our family and friends will appreciate them. So to keep our houses feeling like a home, follow these tips to refresh them so they stay homely all year along.


1. Change your paint colour or add colour to your walls – I know its a lot of work to paint a house but its worth the effort. A new coat of paint will brighten up any space

2. Change your throw pillows – Weather its a new colour or new pillow, it just adds character to your couches and sofas

3. Fresh Flowers – add fresh flowers around the house, they will make you smile as you pass them by.

4. Nature’s Touch – include nature in your décor, whether its a waterfall or bamboo sticks, it will give your house an earthy feeling

5. Pictures – adding family pictures around the house makes it feel like you are surrounded by love, and hey love is all we need!


These simple refreshers will for sure make your house into your home : )

Have a wonderful week!

One of a Kind Earrings

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So summer is finally here, what are your plans for the summer? We are just going to enjoy the summer with our toddler. She is starting to be curious and adventurous so I am sure the summer will be fun for us. Enjoy it to the fullest because before you know it, it will be September.

So who in the mood for a unique earring? Well I found this tutorial on how to make recycled paper jewellery, ever since then I have been meaning to recreate something of my own. Well here it is. I hope you will all enjoy it. You can see the step by step at this blog.

Here is my version. Happy creating!

Needed Materials

  • book page
  • half pearls
  • glue
  • backing for the earrings (find sample here)

September 17, 2013 - 4:05 pm

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