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Refresh your Home

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Our houses are our pride and joy. We love to show them off to our family and friends. We put a lot of  hard work into them to make them look presentable. We gather those unique items and display them in the hope that our family and friends will appreciate them. So to keep our houses feeling like a home, follow these tips to refresh them so they stay homely all year along.


1. Change your paint colour or add colour to your walls – I know its a lot of work to paint a house but its worth the effort. A new coat of paint will brighten up any space

2. Change your throw pillows – Weather its a new colour or new pillow, it just adds character to your couches and sofas

3. Fresh Flowers – add fresh flowers around the house, they will make you smile as you pass them by.

4. Nature’s Touch – include nature in your décor, whether its a waterfall or bamboo sticks, it will give your house an earthy feeling

5. Pictures – adding family pictures around the house makes it feel like you are surrounded by love, and hey love is all we need!


These simple refreshers will for sure make your house into your home : )

Have a wonderful week!

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