Hello everyone!

Its been a while, as you all know life happens so I was away for a while. I am back now and fall is upon us. The cold breeze outside just reminds of the beautiful autumn ahead. Can’t wait to see the leaves change colours. One of my favorite times of the year. So, how have all you been? Well, I hope. So lets not waste any time, here is the project for today. Simple and nice.

Happy Creating!


Needed Materials

  • Old book pages
  • Glue

Step 1: Fold the paper in half

Step 2: Cut the folded side into strips

Step 3: Roll the strip

Step 4: Glue the ends

Once you are done, this is how it will look like, now you can use this to decorate any vase or even on the walls

Enjoy this easy creation, here are few of the other old book page decors.

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